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Champion Men Stories

Lesiba Kale

Lesiba Kale is a father of one. He is the epitome of compassion, sacrifice and selflessness.

His story begins in Limpopo, where he grew up with his mom and his seven siblings while his father worked and lived in Johannesburg to provide an income. His father's earnings weren't merely enough though. So being the eldest sibling, Lesiba had to make some big sacrifices at a very young age.

After completing Grade Eight, Lesiba left school to start working as a radio technician at Teltron, this is where his career began. The money he made during this time would be used to support his family and send five of his siblings through school. Some of them have gone on to have joined the South African police force, one of them being a Captain, one a brigadier and another a prison warden.

Lesiba's selflessness didn't end there. He also helped pay for the education of two of his cousins, one went on to become a dental surgeon and the other a senior figure at the department of education.

Carling Black Label salutes Champion men like Lesiba who put in the effort and determination throughout the year.

Here's to Lesiba Kale, the man who sacrificed his own education so that his brothers could have theirs.


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