Yes LUCKY IS THE SUCCESESFUL CAPTAIN IN MZANSI WON SEVEN TROPHS SO HE IS THE GOOD LEADER FOR BUCS.LUCKY STILL HAVE PLENTY TIME ON BUCS ND LUCKY SHARE EXPERIENCE ON YOUNG PLAYERS - guys this game means a lot to the team,the manager,supporters and everyone who is go out there and play your normal ball game but give it your best.this 90minutes is worth every sweat and run you will take once you live this room and become conquers once you live the tunnel thats when you become champions once you kick that ball.go out there and play,enjoy your game and play to win guys.i believe in you - Try to build from the back and comes from midfield with such pace, do not rush, cause when you rush you might loose ball easily get more punished. So let's build slow till to the half and do not overrun with ball play it on spaces and always pick your position, start shape from the back and goes forward with same mentality. Try to get into thier box anything can happen as weather is not good and try to shoot as well when you get such chance. - Carlin black label cup is an event of a very high magnitude and I always expect anxiety to kick in at any given time. It is certainly normal to also be nervous prior to the event of this nature. What is key in this game is knowing your capabilities and abilities as players to deliver under any given circumstances, ordinary and extra ordinary in the field of play. Uncontrollable anxiety could lead to a disaster, could end your career instantly. The players should always learn to manage it. However, they should always keep in mind that they have been selected for these giant teams because they have displayed a very beautiful football previously and they have what it takes to compete at that level. I will certainly encourage the players to go in the field of play and showcase their god given talent. They should not try to be fancy and impress the supporters unnecessarily because they will most probably be putting themselves under immense and unnecessary pressure. This is their opportunity to show the world what they are made of, it could be either a make or break moment of their football career. If they get to be overcomed by anxiety, it could be dead end of their football career, because they might end up making mistakes which will perhaps compromise the team and eventually haunt them (players) forever, or perhaps ruin their football career. It is extremely important to tell them to think about how long it took them to reach their current positions, to be professional footballers. The hard work been put in there, the challenges experienced during their journey to become professionals. All this hard work cannot be ruined by nervous and anxiety. As a coach I can only offer advices and it certainly for the them (players) to execute so that we can win the game and they can also sustain their career. Over and above that, the games of football is about win or lose, meaning that they have to work hard and try their best to win the game which is our ultimate goal and team but if it happens that they lose the game, I will always encourage them not to feel bad that much because it is part of the game. - I will just tell them to stop play short passes knock the ball forward and tight at the back -
  • Champion Men Deserve Champion Beer
  • Stand a chance of winning a case of Carling Black Label.
  • Stand a chance of winning a case of Carling Black Label.
The votes are in Coach. Now it’s time to lead your team to victory on the field. Be sure to catch all the action on matchday, and support your players in their quest for glory.
  • Date:
  • Venue:
  • Kickoff:
  • gates open:
  • Saturday, 26 july 2014
  • FNB stadium
  • 15:30pm
  • 12:00pm
Watch the Carling Black Label Cup on July 26 with your phone ready. SMS the jersey number of the player you want to bring onto the field to the relevant number for your team, during the first 45 minutes of the match.
This year, Carling Black Label allows you to take your coaching credentials to the next level with exclusive interviews and content, improved player stats and a chance to win a share of R3 million airtime or tickets to the game on the Coach's Forum.
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